Sunday, 14 December 2008

More Government Contradictions

Saturday 13th December
Despite our own economy heading for the fucking knackers yard, Pakistan are so good, we're going to give them £480m of our hard-earned cash, to fund education, healthcare, etc. (Hat Tip OH)

Sunday 14th December
No, no! Pakistan are very bad, they have links to 75% of the most serious terror plots investigated by UK authorities. We're still going to give them £6m though (you can guarantee that we're the sole financial backers of the "£6m partnership" the BBC makes reference to).

So despite Pakistan being a major base for terrorism we're still rewarding them with £486m. Interesting the government couldn't spare £30m to backdate police pay to the date they should have as it "might affect inflation" (remember that?) - they wouldn't fairly backdate the pay of the very people who are supposed to fucking fight terrorism in this country, but will happily pay SIXTEEN TIMES that amount to a country that seems to be home to half the world's terrorism.

Jesus Wept.


AngryDave said...

Our soldiers are living in housing that would be considered inhumain for prisoners, and are having to buy their own equiptment and boots when in the field.
Our police will not be given the pay rise they were promised, or the tools to do their job properly.
Yet the labour party see fit to give hundreds of millions of taxpayers pounds to a nation of fucking terrorists, who hate us and our entire way of life.

Roll on election day so we can get rid of these socialist, useless cunts.

Sue said...

Considering they've already wasted the huge sum the Americans gave them.. I expect they've run out.

"U.S. Officials See Waste in Billions Sent to Pakistan"

Mr Brown as always, is generous with taxpayers money! He's saving the world remember...