Monday, 22 December 2008

"Can-Do" Attitude

So, Gorgon has promised a "Can-Do" attitude will get us through this financial mess.

Well, that's just fine then. Hip-fucking-hooray, we're saved. Guess that means none of us need to worry any more?

Never mind the fact that you and Badger-Brows have done a breathtakingly awful job of running the economy so far, you pair of deluded Trotskyist cunts.

But he tried to strike an upbeat note, pledging investment in key industries and saying the UK could be "a beacon of hope and opportunity" for the world.

Is he serious?!?! What fucking planet is this guy living on? The rest of the world - for your information, you inept fucktard - is laughing in our face. And rightly so, if I lived in another country I'd laugh too. Yes, there is a global economic crisis. But to brag to the rest of the world that we're well-placed to "weather the storm" when in fact anyone with a fucking ounce of sense knows that we're particularly poorly placed compared to other countries due to our levels of debt and borrowing is a monumentally stupid thing to do, and is why the Germans have been only to happy to point it out in the international press. By the way, your response, to have Milliband pooh-pooh it as "internal German politics" (when it clearly wasn't and has since been supported by both sides of German politics) was a particularly fuckwitted decision. As a country we now have even more egg on our face. You're an embarassment to us all.

Look, it's not difficult to grasp. We've borrowed so much money, and our economy and (lack of) industry is in such a state, that other countries don't think that we really have a chance of paying it back and so the value of our currency is plummeting.

We're fucked Gordon. And it's largely your fault. Admit it, and leave.

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