Saturday, 6 December 2008

"It's the football"

Why is it that every Saturday during Football Season the roads go to fucking shit in South Bristol? Cumberland basin is the worst - the most appalling parking I've ever seen goes on here. People parking in one of the fucking lanes of the dual carriageway forcing all the traffic into one lane, on pavements, on corners - parking generally like absolute retards. Normally the police and parking wardens would have a field day, but apparently it's OK because's the football.

So fucking what? If a load of knuckle-dragging "missing links" want to pay ridiculous sums of money to stand in the freezing cold shouting themselves hoarse and watch people kick a ball around a field that's their choice - but why the fuck should they be awarded special "mong parking" dispensation because they can't be arsed to park properly and walk?

It might be argued there isn't enough parking at the ground but quite frankly that's not the fucking problem of the residents who then can't park outside their house when there's a match on. (An RPZ wouldn't solve this as the hours of operation wouldn't include Saturdays for this very reason).

The worst thing of all of this is that when the Bristol Balloon Fiesta was on, people who had parked similarly on the dual carriageway of Cumberland Basin were ticketed and then towed away - by the police.

Why the FUCK aren't they out there RIGHT NOW towing away all the fucking plebs who have parked like retards? They could make a fortune. Just what have Bristol City Football Club offered to the Police and Bristol City Council to get them to turn a blind eye?

Some FOI requests are in order I think.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

It's obvious: the council is full of footie fans.

AngryDave said...

It is a total piss-take and i could not agree with you more. A 20 minute journey takes over an hour during the football and it causes toatl chaos and gridlock far beyond the grounds of the stadium.