Tuesday, 9 December 2008

John McDonnell - standing up for the country's lazy and feckless


A left-wing Labour MP has warned of widespread opposition to proposed reforms aimed at getting more people into work.

Claimants will have to do some form of work or prepare themselves for finding a job in future if they want to receive benefits, ministers have indicated.

The proposals will be outlined in a White Paper on Wednesday.

They are expected to include penalties for people who turn down reasonable job offers or job interviews, potentially including the loss of benefits or mandatory community service.

All in all, sounds good to me.

But not to hand-wringing John:
"It is lunacy to force people into jobs that are not there and to force lone parents to take up childcare which is either unaffordable or non-existent," he said.

"There is widespread and growing dismay at the government's dismantling of the welfare state built by the post-war Labour government."

It's hard to contain my anger at reading such apologist shite. How the fuck can he talk about "forcing people into jobs that are not there"? The fucking article talks about penalties for people who turn down reasonable job offers or interviews. That means the jobs are there, you fucking moron.

It's because of Socialist arseholes such as this character that we have a huge underclass of people who can't be bothered to work. And he seems to want to keep them there - he obviously understands the need for votes from the workshy and the feckless.

The dismay will only be "widespread" throughout the population of lazy worthless scum as they realise they might have to actually work for their money rather than sit back on the sofa and expect it to be given to them.

Well, fuck them, frankly. I'm fed up with working my arse off every day so others who simply can't be arsed don't have to. And fuck you too, John McDonnell, for supporting them.


Window Licker said...

Another "Tough on...." policy from Labour.

They've been trying this on for years with the hard-core dole scroungers.

All that happens is that they turn up for work when they feel like it, fuck around and generally cause more work than they're worth.

A quick disciplanry action for their constant lateness and they're back to living off the state.

You can lead a horse to water but you will have to clean up once it's pissed in the kettle and wiped its arse on the cardboard tube (they're too lazy to even fetch a new bogroll)

Death squads. Thet's the fucking answer.

AngryDave said...

The only people Labour are tough on are me and you. They will never get yough on the underclasses as they keep them in a job.