Thursday, 4 December 2008

As I suspected all along.

Karen Matthews and that bloke with the dodgy eyes have been found guilty of kidnapping Shannon Matthews.

I always suspected that they were after their own version of the Maddy McCann fund, but were too pikey and stupid to pull it off. In fact, I posted

Anyone else suspect they were all in on it, hoping for their own "find Maddy fund"?

Fucking pikey mongtard council-estate-dwelling scum!

on right back in April. Turns out my suspicions were correct.

Anyone else remember the "celebrations" outside the Matthews household when Shannon was found, with all the locals drinking cans of Carling and a disco set up outside? You'd never know it was a pikey council estate!


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Put a few pounds and a curly syrup on the bloke, and you've got Gordon Brown!

wv: a ringer!

Window Licker said...

A comment was passed on the news last night; "The front doors around here are never locked."

Now, that could be a sense of camaraderie amongst thieves but I rather suspect it's the fact that there's always about 13 of them lazing around waiting for the Giro to pop through the door. Once suitably "coined up" they can send 6 year old Britney to Kwik Save for fags, Carling, Sunny D and Turkey Drummers* (*if it's Christmas).

The Penguin said...

Another sick example of some cunt using the stupidities of the Welfare State to keep the benefits rolling in by banging out bastards with any bloke who can manage to get her pregnant. Which in itself is a minor miracle, I mean she's a fucking minger on a good day in a dim light and aided by beer goggles.

Sadly, there's loads of them, even one sick fucking bloke raping and impregnating his own daughters to give himself a lifestyle he couldn't hope to achieve in an honest job.

Naturally, Social Services did fuck all.

The Penguin

AngryDave said...

A mate of mine and fellow prison officer guessed what they were up to straight away. He is usualy rigth about these things.

He also suggested that Maddy was drugged and killed by her parents, and the guy seen with her was paid to get rid of the body.

What a fucked up world we live in!

The Screech said...

these cunts are fucking production line aren't they? You can walk (though i'd rather not) into any council estate, rotten ronnies, aldis, bus shelter in any part of this country and you would encounter rems like this fucking lot.