Monday, 8 December 2008

These people need a carbon footprint to the fucking face


Flights at Stansted airport have been delayed after more than 50 protesters occupied a secure area near the runway.

Climate action group Plane Stupid said it started the protest at 0315 GMT by breaching security.

Oh for fucks sake, here we go again.

Ms Kember said she was "incredibly apologetic" that passengers had been affected, but added: "The effects of climate change are going to be monumental."

So now apparently, the great unwashed have the right to stop people excersising their free will to travel to destinations of their choice. Hundreds of families and business people who have all paid money to fly on a flight are having their days ruined by a bunch of self-important cunts. How do you explain to your kids they're going to have to spend the next 7 hours at the airport because some people who have no jobs and nothing better to do with their time feel like imposing their beliefs on people?

Do these people not fucking realise that the more you ram all this climate change alarmist nonsense down people's throats, the more and more apathetic they will become? It's like all the bullshit about unplugging mobile phone chargers when you're not using them. Mobile phone chargers are Switched-Mode Power Supplies, which means that when there isn't a phone plugged into them, they don't draw any power. Even when there is a phone plugged in, the power drawn can be barely measured. We need to fly places - how else do these fucking twats assume we can get to America if we need to? By boat? A little more fucking common sense is required here.

I accept climate change is happening, I accept that humans probably contribute to it (though we're not the sole cause) but I also firmly believe that it's used conveniently as a form of money-grabbing by governments and the IPCC, which I find despicable. I also think that the alarmism has got WAY out of hand and we really need to get a grip on things.

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