Thursday, 17 September 2009

Well, that's Bristol's motorists fucked, then.

Bristol City Council have appointed Peter Mann, who is currently assistant head of transport of Oxfordshire County Council.

And of course, we know that Oxford is so car-friendly, isn't it? In fact, it was rated the most car-unfriendly city recently.

Peter's team have gleefully introduced huge pedestrianised zones, CPZ's, 20mph zones, cycle only zones, etc, etc, all in order to try and force people (mostly finanically) out of their cars, rather than tempt people into public transport by making it more attractive (cheaper). So this is what we've got to look forward to.

He will be paid £92,000 a year to improve the city's daily traffic situation, with congestion estimated to cost the Bristol economy £300m a year in lost productivity.


He said: "I've visited Bristol a few times and I was very impressed with its vibrancy and economic growth.

"I am very excited about taking on the challenge of improving its transport infrastructure.

So when he talks about "improving [Bristol's] transport infrastructure" what he actually means is "improving Bristol's Public Transport infrastructure, and, I suspect, "the car owners can get fucked".

But it doesn't seem like he has even planned that bit right:

"I don't think that getting tough with the bus company will necessarily get the right results.

"I much prefer to work in partnership in order to improve public transport"

But that's what everyone before you has done, Peter, and it didn't fucking work. Hence we have a terrible, unreliable bus service with extortionate fares.

Jon Rogers chimes in:

Lib Dem Cabinet Councillor Jon Rogers, who is in charge of the council's transport department, said: "Cutting congestion is one of our 'six to fix' commitments to the people of Bristol.

"Residents and businesses have told us what they need in terms of better public transport, sustainable travel, smart choices and better infrastructure. We have appointed Peter to put their vision into practice.

"We know it can't be achieved overnight, but we intend to work to a system of tight priorities which will see the most important changes made first. We are confident we have appointed the right person with the right focus."

I dread to fucking think.


AngryDave said...

What the fuck is wrong with these people?
Bristol is fucked up enough by all the 'improvements' that have been made to the roads. The real purpose is to create congestion so that the wankers can bring in congestion charging and force people to use the shitty overpriced bus service.

To top it all off the twat is getting paid £92,000 a year to be a useless, medling cunt.
Do us all a favour, Gary, you retard and choke on something.

Anonymous said...

"Residents and businesses have told us what they need"

I get so wound up by the use of anecdotal evidence by the Council. It's always "actually we find the vast majority of residents support the scheme"

I'd like to see the sources they use - broad cross section of society or were the "right" residents and businesses asked after descisions are made?

Public Strutiny

Anonymous said...

I live in oxford he has really fucked up here.
John Gibson

The Bristol Blogger said...

"I've visited Bristol a few times and I was very impressed with its vibrancy and economic growth."

What sort of fucking weirdo visits somewhere and is impressed by its economic growth?

It's not like you can see it as you walk up Park Street is it? It's a set of figures you find in government publications FFS.

As for this:

"I much prefer to work in partnership in order to improve public transport"

Do they all go to some sort of local government officer school together where they learn by rote?

Is there a bigger and more meaningless cliche around than 'working in partnership'?