Friday, 11 September 2009

A step away....

...from horn speakers fixed to lampposts blaring out Soviet propaganda.

Text messages are being sent to people enjoying a night out in Bath warning them to keep the noise down and behave or to risk an £80 fine.

The council said it is a better way to communicate with people aged between 18 and 30 as posters had little impact.

A bluetooth transmitter sends text messages to 21 mobile phones every 40 seconds within a 100-yard (91m) radius.

When you first read this article you assume that they're going to text persistent offenders before they go out on a night out (which would be bad enough). But no, these aren't targeted, they're sent to every fucking person that walks past. A businessman in his 40s who has stayed late at the office and is walking home could recieve a text telling him to "behave".

Anti-social behaviour co-ordinator Tim Harris, of Bath and North East Somerset Council, said: "It's not just about telling people 'you can't do this and you can't do that'.

Of course it fucking is, Tim. How fucking dare you try and claim otherwise? That's exactly what it is! And it's not even like your being selective about who you send it to.

"It's very much about giving out information for their own personal safety.

Oh, right. Well that's fine then. You cock.

But in thisisbath's article he gets even more arrogant:

He said: "Young people don't go about reading lengthy posters and some of them don't even read newspapers.

"They contact each other using mobile phones, so this way we can make sure they are digesting this information."

Sounds like just what you'd expect from an "Anti Social Behaviour Co-Ordinator. Go fuck yourself, you arrogant cuntwaft.


Weston Bay said...

You can only recieve Bluetooth messages if you activate the Bluetooth facility on your phone.

Just don't switch on Bluetooth- it uses up more battery power anyway.

No, I'm waiting for the day we all have to show ID just to go into a pub or even buy cigs. If it's a passport they want I'm truly fucked.

Anonymous said...

Every so often I find myself agreeing with you wholeheartedly, Dave.

It makes me feel a little bit dirty on the inside. But in a good way. I think.


Confused of St. Paul's

Bristol Dave said...

Agreed about bluetooth, although it's enabled on my phone (so it automatically hooks up to my car stereo) but hidden (so people can't send anything to it!)

Bristol Dave said...


Dirty? You love it really.

Anonymous said...

"Go fuck yourself, you arrogant cuntwaft." Any way of using that pert phrase as an automatic reply to such nonsense ?

Tim Harris, ASB Co-ordinator said...

Automatic Blog Message:

It's 1 in the morning. Time to stop blogging anti-socially and go up the wooden hill to Bed-forshire

Nighty night and God Bless

Tim Harris

Tim Harris, ASB Co-ordinator said...

Automatic Blog Message:

I mean it now, you're all very naughty and should be in the land of nod.

Now, off you pop and dream happy thoughts.

Sweet dreams and remember, Jesus loves you,

Timmy Wimmy