Thursday, 3 September 2009

Ashamed of the human race

Or at least, I was after reading this story on the Evening Post website.

Not, of course, because some guy jumped to his death (although I've always believed suicide is an incredibly selfish way of dealing with things), but firstly that the police thought that this one solitary fucking nobody (in the same way, in the grand scheme of things, that you are I are a solitary nobody) was a reason to close the entire M5 Northbound, and secondly, for the comments on the story that frankly make me weep for literacy in this country, and especially Bristol.

yes why was all 4 lanes closed,my heart goes out to the dead mans family,this man did need help and support ,and now another needless death ,we hope things like this never happrn again but it will ,people will always take their own life,but did they really need to shut all for lane,all we hear at the moment is the safety of the emergency services,how wide is one lane ,and there is 4 lanes ,the could have closed 2 or even 3 lanes ,and have plenty of room for safety,could have put up a gaint screen to stop the sick rubber neckers looking and so on and so on ,One final thing to ponder on ,what would of happened if the man was still standing there today ,would the m5 still be shut,i dont think so
stephen, bristol

To start, possibly the worst displays of punctuatiuon I've seen in a while, but I guess at least he spelt "their" right. Somebody needs to introduce this guy to the full stop.

The man fell in the water so it would of been hard to get the net over the water, the police done what they needed to do, they closed it to stop people rubber necking!! If they has opened up one lane then whats the bet that people will have a good old nose and end up having an accident?!? The police obviously didn't want an accident to occur right by where this man was, They needed to make sure the man and the people who were there to try and help him were completely safe, I was not stuck in the traffic but a life has been lost, i just wish people would stop moaning..... you all have your lives dont you?
Danielle, Shirehampton

The location of this person came as no surprise to me anyway. I bet she cried when Jade Goody died.

what was wrong with putting a up screen and closing a lest the traffic moves.that would be the sensible idea.wiil the insurance companies if you claim for the delay pay out for the missed flights.or make a excuse in not paying the would the people in the traffic jam feel then, about the police closing the motorway,and the jumper.not very happy i believeif they are out of pocket
geoff, bristol

I wonder how people like this can read newspapers, magazines, and not wonder why the first letter of each new sentence is capitalised, when they don't.

Then it all goes a bit downhill...

First off i dnt see why every1 is arguin about this unfortunate incident and this poor man felt that low he had to end his life, the police done what they thought was right.. they obv no alot more than what people rightin on here do, if they didnt close the motorway there would have been more accidents caused by rubber-neckers slowing down trying to see what was goin on when its none of there business and as for the person names as M5, bridge sayin 'Why didn't they push him off straight away that is the most selfish comment ne1 could ever send, how do u think his friends n fam r gna feel and u dnt kno what was going thru his head at the time, no1 knos so shoudnt judge! if i was stuck in tht traffic i would certainly be more concerned about a persons life rather than getting homeor newhere else l8.. i completely stand by the police decision to close the motorway they obv did what they felt was right and dint reli have much time to think about it as a man was hanging off a bridge!!! shame on most of you!! and my thoughts r with this man and his family.
vickie, southmead

Fuck me, where do I start? Is her surname "Pollard"? Again, the person's location comes as no real suprise, but this one is wierd because she alternates from spelling words like "business" and "unfortunate incident" correctly, but then switches to such gems as "dint reli". Maybe the bits that make sense were actually written by "Hannah, Redland"? Vickie definitely cried at Jade Goody's death.

i think i have to agree with vickie here, the people who have wrote nasty comments about him is outragous and all of u should be ashamed of yourselves there is no need to say all that really is there. this poor mans family is going through hell right now thinking why did he do it, what have we done rong and all u lot r thinking bout is being stuck in traffic for 6 hours of your life when a poor man has lost his, i have total respect for the police and sevices of how that dealt with it, it is now in the past so all of u get over it and let him rest in peace and let the police and sevices do there jobs like u do as no one complains to u lot about urs!!!!! rest in peace
chris, bristol

Is this Vickie's brother? I've had to lower the spelling/grammar bar quite a lot with this one, and highlighted the only bit that actually made me laugh out loud.

What the fuck is wrong with the schooling system in this country? I don't know the age of these people but I think it's safe to say they're all in their teens. Do you think you'd see teenagers from, say, Sweden writing like this?


Weston Bay said...

"Do you think you'd see teenagers from...Sweden writing like this?"

Er, no Dave. For one they'd be writing in Swedish.

You can beat the shit out of me later. I'm off to work.

Bristol Dave said...

Actually, I'd wager even Swedish teenagers would write better English.

swindon_alan said...

My good lady and my youngest two children were stuck on the M5 in that traffic jam for 8 hours of stationary fun.

She said that if they had been a bit closer to the bridge she would have pushed the selfish fucker over.

AngryDave said...

The problem with our education system is that it is full of Liberal care bear fools.
Children are now not to be told they are wrong, when they make a mistake. Instead, they are simply told their answer is 'different'.
It was not that long ago that we were being told the government was planning to change marking criteria for English exams. Children would not be failed for using text speak or for incorrect spelling. For foucks sake, it's an English exam. It's all about spelling and grammer.
We have a single language so that we can all understand each other, and can comunicate effectively.
When i have to read inmate mail on my night shifts, it takes me ages.
This is because i have to try and make sense of it as i go along. bcus nun ov em went 2 skool innit so they dont rite proper lol
Why do they insist on putting 'lol' at the end of ever sentance? Even when what they are writting is not funny. However, i dont suppose it would have mattered whether they went to school, they would not have learned to read and write properly anyway.
We all make mistakes, and they need to be shown to us so we dont continue to make them.

Anonymous said...

id like too see how you wud cope wiv havin too go too shcool and brigning up a babe just cuz you went too a posh schol you fink you can pick on peeple who cant spelling proply