Friday, 4 September 2009

More bullshit from Brown

Unsurprisingly again, on Al-jaBeeba.

Gordon Brown will say Britain is doing the "right thing" in Afghanistan in a speech later, a day after a ministerial aide quit over government strategy.

Labour MP Eric Joyce, a parliamentary aide to the defence secretary, resigned saying a time limit should be set on troop deployment.

The prime minister will say: "When the security of our country is at stake we cannot walk away."

He will also say that financial and logistical support is being increased.

What's all this "will say" future tense bullshit? If he hasn't said it yet, why the fuck are they publishing it? Is it because they've been sent a script by Number 10 and told to report it as front-page, headline news (which I'd point out, it has been)? And people say the government don't control the media? Fuck sake.

The BBC's political editor Nick Robinson said Mr Brown's aides were keen to stress that the speech was not a response to Eric Joyce's resignation and had been planned for some time.

But yet, entirely coincidentally of course, it's going to be made today? Just another fucking example of how stupid those in power think we are.

He said Downing Street was more concerned about criticism in the The Sun newspaper, which has accused the prime minister of not showing leadership on Afghanistan.

So what the fuck are they going to do? Shut it down?

Welcome to China.


swindon_alan said...

Please. Do what I do.

NEVER EVER listen or watch the Biased Broadcasting Corporation.

It keeps my blood pressure way low.

AngryDave said...

I only watch Sky news or the local news on itv. The BBC is far too big and is under the direct control of the government. It is nothing more than a propaganda machine, and an easy life for those who work there. They are paid several times the private equivelant and are paid for by us. Whether we like it or not, and i do not!

As for Afganistan, i think it would make a nice glass ashtray. Whether we stay there another week or another 50 years, the moment we leave it will revert back to it's origional state within 6 months. Why are are young men out there dying for that?
I support our men out there, but i do not support the reasons they have been sent there, and continue to be kept there.