Monday, 13 July 2009

Wind Turbines. I'm not a big fan.


The CBI have claimed the government's energy policy is too wind focused.


Hopefully someone can point out to these cunts the futility of wind power. I can quite confidently say wind power is the biggest fucking waste of time and it irritates me that the government are even considering it. Yeah, yeah, I know the twats in Brussels dictate that a certain percentage of our energy has to come from renewables, but we'd be better off employing entire estates of chavs to cycle on excercise bikes connected to alternators than using wind power. (Not a bad idea, in fairness)

Wind turbines might look nice, but they are incredibly expensive to install in the first place, incredibly expensive to maintain, only generates power some of the time (when it's windy) and give utterly piss-poor value for money in the amount of energy that they generate. Still, since when has value for money ever been the slightest consideration for environmentalists? The sole consideration they have is "carbon footprint" and any other considerations as far as cost, actual effectiveness, etc can be damned. These poeple need a fucking carbon footprint to the face. Wind power is fine for installing on a remote farm in the middle of nowhere (although they can whistle for running a kettle, iron, microwave, oven etc off it) but no good for actually making a dint in meeting the UK's power needs. The government is going to piss away millions, possibly billions on wind power and it'll all be a complete waste of time as they realise they can't do enough.

The answer has been, is, and always will be nuclear power. Unfortunately, the French don't have much time for environmentalists totally misguided handwringing about nuclear, which means that they're world leaders in the manufacturer of nuclear facilities and we've missed the boat. We even buy electricity into the national grid from the French, and guess how they generate it? Fucking nuclear. Once they crack nuclear fusion then the idea of using any other form of power generation is frankly barmy.

The environmentalists need to actually EDUCATE themselves about the power options available to them. If, as soon as someone mentions nuclear power to you, you start bleating about Chernobyl, then you're a fucking idiot. Chernobyl happened because it was built using shitty Communist Russian parts, monitored using shitty Communist Russian gauges, and maintained and ran by shitty Communist Russians. They had no idea how to use the equipment, how to monitor it, and how to recover problems. You play with fire, you get burnt. The French on the other hand know what they're doing, so their nuclear power stations won't blow up. Nuclear waste disposal is no longer a problem because so many other countries don't have the problem of fucking environmentalists shouting down anybody who even wants to discuss nuclear power, and they've gone ahead and built the power stations.

This is the problem, the anti-nuclear lobby in this country, who are universally cunts, will shout down anyone who even dares to mention "nuclear". They won't even have a fucking debate on it. They're ill-informed about the risks and the benefits, and have prevented progress and allowed the French to become world leaders when it so easily could have been us.



Richard said...

Totally agree with you, Dave. One thing you haven't mentioned is the rape of the British landscape in the cause of this utterly useless method of power generation. There are some places here in Wales where the landscape is lonely and beautiful. Then you come round a corner and there are hundreds of the fuckers, stretching to the horizon. It makes me want to weep. WHEN (note, not IF) people come to their senses and abandon this foolishness, the wind farms will still be there, fucking up our lonely places with their concrete bases and access roads. And that's if we can find the money to dismantle them; my guess is that they will be left standing and creaking round in a mild breeze for ever.

Microgeneration, where you have a turbine on your roof which helps some of your own energy generation, makes sense. Your house is there already, after all. But raping Britain's last remaining beautiful remote landscapes is a horror that I can't contemplate.

Weston Joe said...

I agree. This wind power nonsense is a complete waste of time and money. The big problem is that those who support nuclear power are afraid to make the case publicly such is the eco-sentiment in this country. Or put it this way, when was the last time we saw PRO-nuclear campaigners scaling the House of Parliament, organising demos, leafleting etc.
Ditto with airport expansion, road and house building.

Old Holborn said...

Wind power is very very important. It is buying my house, the nice little retirement place, a brand new VW Multivan, is sending my entire family to France for three weeks on holiday, paying for lobster thermidore and quails eggs on a bed of rocket and a cellar full of Margaux.

Well, the EU taxpayer is, I should say. I love my renewable energy business.

Swindon Alan said...

Not true on the no new nuclear comment Dave.

EDF Energy (who bought British Energy last year - the current supplier of fission sourced electricity) are committed to building four new nukes in the UK in next seven years.

Oh...I see they are a French parent company. Quell surprise, eh?

So the greenies can go and fuck themselves, the useless people hating cunts.

banned said...

"These people need a fucking carbon footprint to the face." I like that idea Dave.
Good point about EDF Swindon Alan. You will recall that some months ago EDF were being slagged off for selling electricity in France much more cheaply than in UK, " Ripping Off Britain " was the cry.
EDFs CEO was straight into the media 'No, twats, it's because in France we generate cheaply with clean modern nuclear while all yours are clapped out first generation and UK still burns coal, the brown stuff from Poland which is dirty and expensive'.

Denmark is Europes leading user of Windpower, it is becoming the top exporter of wind generators, because they have realised that wind power is shit and stopped their programme; they have to offload their stuff somewhere, ie here.

Personally I am in favour of wave power ( no Dave, not tidal, Bristol Bore and all that ). Stick a few underwater buoys out to sea and watch the free, predictable and everlasting 'leccy coming in forever ( UK has 25% of Europes wave resources apparantly, no brainer).

Weston Joe said...

Of course let's not forget the Severn Barrage. They've been doing feasability studies on that for yonks. Just build it for crying out loud!!
Fuck the sea birds.

Old Holborn said...

Tidal energy is the answer. Free, 100% reliable, safe, clean and offshore. Bit of a bummer for Switzerland and Luxemburg though.

Makes you wonder why nothing has been done and we still buy oil from stone age cunts and electricity fron garlic breathed tossers.....

So fucking simple

Bristolmoose said...

A good example of tidal energy can be found on a river called the Rance.

I discovered this last year whilst on holiday.

It's in France
It's run by EDF

Quelle surprise.

James Barlow said...

A carbon footprint to the face. That's deserves to be on a T-Shirt.

Here's something I wrote a while back about Bristol Council's Turbine plans.

On Wind Power and a Sustainable approach to Carrot Crunching

Anonymous said...

I am a wind turbine owner and I make a fortune off you electricity paying pricks so haha, who cares about it's effectivness, I'll be dead in 30 years and I'll have had a cracking life, bring on the next ski bunch of dirty, fat ugly, piss smelling cunts. I would fuck your mothers but I'd rather fuck a dead dog's arse.

Anonymous said...

I just want the retarded pigs to look at britain. Its an Island surrounded by a sea and hit by big fucking waves. I mean look at london, the thames could power more than 50 old Wind Turbines. I mean instead of building a airport in the Thames Eastury, build a Tide-Power-Farm