Monday, 20 July 2009

Purely Semantics

The terror level has been reduced from "severe" to "substantial".

What does this mean anyway? Let Pravda Explain...

The level was raised in 2007, meaning a terrorist attack was "highly likely". The downgrading means there is a "strong possibility" of an attack.

Seriously, what the hell are the government expecting the public to make of this vague, nonsensical shit? Are we all supposed to be staying inside, quaking in fear at the many Al Quaeda suicide bombers that are waiting on every street corner?

It's a load of fucking crap. Substantial, severe, it makes no fucking difference. We all still go to work in the morning. We all still go shopping. We all still go to the cinema.

What the fuck difference does it make, you ringpieces?

According to BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw, security sources said the decision to change the threat level was a "finely-balanced judgement".

Oh, I'm suuuure it was. Because of course, the whole of the country takes the "threat level" so seriously, don't they.

What's the betting they've only done this so they can raise it again in 6 months and try and force more fearmongering from the press who dutifully report that

the threat level has been raised to severe!!!!!!111!!!!one

Fucking cock-sockets.


banned said...

I dunno but I'm sure that Ross Kemp will protect me. He's in the SAS y'know.

James Barlow said...

It must be because they convicted Andrew Ibrahim.

The "Foot Fetishist" terror level has also presumably been lowered.

seebag said...

It's purely so they can appear to micro-manage our lives, except of course on anything useful like swine flu, where it's a case of make your own minds up. Useless c*nts - no I take that back - useless and dangerous c*nts.

Anonymous said...

Yep - more scaremongering, more reasons why we need "them"

As sure as eggs is eggs, there will be terror attacks soon. You heard it here first!

Then comes the 2nd wave of erosions of civil liberties and the NWO