Saturday, 18 July 2009

Didn't have time to blog this earlier

But 6 years ago, I believe David Kelly was murdered.

Maybe one day our government will stop taking us for fools and we'll discover the truth, but I doubt it.

Dr. David Kelly, 1994 - 2003

A man who was punished mercilessly for doing his job. Rest In Peace.


banned said...

Report in this weeks Telegraph by emminent medics that Dr. Kelly could not have committed suicide in the way concluded by the 'secret inquest'; they intend taking legal action but his widow is not supporting them ( bought off ? ).

Dr Kelly Assasinated

Bristol Dave said...

I've noticed the reluctance from his family but I don't necessarily think they've been bought off, I think the whole affair was very traumatic for them and they just want it buried and forgotten about rather than picked apart on a public stage.