Wednesday, 22 July 2009

More proof that wind power is shit

To be found here.

A recent industry study into the UK energy sector of 2030 - which according to government plans will use a hugely increased amount of wind power - suggests that massive electricity price rises will be required, and some form of additional government action in order to avoid power cuts. This could have a negative impact on plans for electrification of transport and domestic energy use.

Massive price rises, and additional government action required. "Never mind that!", bleat the ignorant fucking environmental cunts, "look how small it's carbon footprint is. After all, that's the only thing that matters." These absolute cunts, they're going to send us back to Medieval times, and they won't be happy until we get there.

We're also, already, talking about very serious electricity price increases simply to make those wind farms happen: the only reason they ever get built is the government's Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROC) scheme

More shit from Brussels, and wanked over by the environmentalists.

"There's no such thing as cheap green power - that is a myth," Pöyry's Phil Hare told the BBC.

Something we all know, of course. However it seems the BBC, or rather the BBC's Environmental Consultant, Roger Harrabin (remember him? The one who re-wrote an article at the request of some deluded tree-hugger's email so it sounded more alarmist?) has reported that:

A study to be published next week, by consultants Poyry, will suggest that by 2030 wind will be the dominant source of electricity for the UK.

even though the report says no such thing.

For fuck's sake, you fucking interfering, hectoring environmentalist cunts - LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE. I'm going to have to pay huge electricity bills in the future - we all are - and it's all YOUR FUCKING FAULT with all your bleating and handwringing about carbon fucking footprints without having the fucking intelligence to consider any other factors (cost? effectiveness? reliability?)

Fuck you, with bells on.


AngryDave said...

Maybe they could use all the hot air comming out of the mouths of the wankers in parliment to power those windmills.
Or we could just kill alll the useless bastards and then their carbon footprint would disapear.

banned said...

I sked somewhere what exactly does "reducing carbon output by 80% of 1990 levels" mean and suggested a total output equal to that of the 1920's.
Some wag responded that I was having a larf, more like 1850 ( Mark Wadsworth I think ).

Delusional fuckwits yet we are letting them get away with the de-industrialisation of Post Democratic Balkanised Britain.

Anonymous said...

Of course, not cutting emissions might just end up being far worse.

Still, why let facts get in the way of your prejudices???

Bristol Dave said...

Anonymong @ 16:29

What fucking facts? You haven't provided any.

And they're not just "prejudices", it's easy to find reliable sources to back up the fact that wind power is shit, prohibitively expensive, and can't even begin to make a dent in the country's power needs. Still, so long as it's carbon footprint is low, that's all that matters, isn't it?

As I said in a previous post, nuclear power is the way to go, which doesn't have an emissions problem. But the enviro-cunts won't "let" people (as if it's up to them anyway!) have that either, moaning in their typically ill-informed way about nuclear waste, which shows they know precisely fuck all about nuclear power in the last decade or two. Honestly, they won't be happy until we're living in caves.

banned said...

On Radio 2 Sunday about 12.30 pm I caught the tail end of an item about a Denier, the presenter asked 'how come we don't hear your arguments more often in the media because it seems that Climate Change is no longer proven' ?
The respondant agreed that ther was now more of a discussion within scientific circles and that some in the media eg Chris Booker in the Telegraph have consistantly argued against it.
The BBC presenter ended by something like " Well, there you have it, global warming, climate change, back up for discussion again..."

AngryDave said...

Nuclear power has always been the way to go. It produces no emissions and very little waste. Unfortunately that waste is very toxic, but we will have to find ways of dealing with that and find better ways of getting rid of it.

Carbon footprints are not the be all and end all of the universe, in fact they mean very little. Whether the climate is changing due to human activity (which is now looking unlikely), or due to normal environmental cycles or polar shift, it is happening. What i mean is, it cannot be stopped.
I think you are right about these bastards not being happy until we are living in caves.

Swindon Alan said...

Can I live in a cave please?

Then I wouldn't have to even be in danger of listening to the fucking BBC or the government controlled media.

Bristol Dave - you could pop round with printed copies of your blog posts :-)

Anonymous said...

Wind turbines are glorified industrial units. They built them nearby, hardly see them get fixed payments that do not go up with inflation while each turbine will receive at least several hundred thousand in subsidy per year