Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tony Blair, EU President

Remember how most political blogs have, at one time or another, speculated that Tony Blair stepped down from government because he wanted bigger fish to fry? Many mentioned being EU President.

Now it turns out, they all guessed right.

Tony Blair will be the UK's official candidate for EU president, Baroness Kinnock has apparently confirmed.

The post will only be created if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified by all EU states - Ireland is to hold a second referendum in October.

It's clear that the Labour Party, and most of Brussels fully expect this to happen. If Ireland's second referendum returns a resounding "No" again, they'll have another. And another, and another, until they get the answer that they want. This is how these things work. Bristol City Council have employed similar tactics when they haven't received the answer they want from "consultations".

At least William Hague had it right:

"Any holder is likely to try to centralise power for themselves in Brussels and dominate national foreign policies.

"In the hands of an operator as ambitious as Tony Blair, that is a near certainty. He should be let nowhere near the job."

God, the idea of Blair coming back in a position of higher authority than he had fills me with fucking dread. True Stories: Taking Liberties showed just how much of our personal freedoms he had stolen from us when he was Prime Minister - what the fuck do you think will happen if he becomes EU President? It will happen again, but on a much larger scale, and since the Lisbon Treaty will have been ratified, there's fuck all we would be able to do aboout it.

Blair wasn't stupid, far from it, I think he's a very intelligent man. He knew exactly what he was fucking doing when he introduced these bills that restrict our freedom, and he knew exactly what the effect and consequences were. It's all about control and power. Brown's hardly going to stand in his way.

And when the Conservatives win the next General Election, do you think David Cameron would stand in his way?


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banned said...

I don't recall being asked who should be the UK's official candidate for EU president.
It should be the Elected MEP Daniel Hannan, not the ousted war-mongering serial failure Blair.