Saturday, 11 July 2009

Oh, do fuck off, Milliband odious little turd.

He's now suggesting that British troops in Afghanistan are giving their lives to secure Britain's future.

He said that it was essential to prevent Afghanistan from again becoming an "incubator for terrorism" and a launch pad for attacks on the UK and the West

Yeah, yeah. We've heard all this before. Hmmmmm, now - let me think - when was that? Ah yes, after 9/11, and the US wanted revenge - oh, and all the rebuilding contracts and oil pipelines.

Do you know what, Milliband, you fucking cock? Firstly, we wouldn't have a problem of terrorist activities if it wasn't for Tony Blair making the worst foreign policy decision of our time. Secondly, nobody buys this shit that we're all on high terrorist alert. Many, many people have realised that it's just a poorly-disguised tactic by the government to rule by fear.

I support the troops that are out their fighting, but I don't support the decision to send them there, especially without adaquate gear. But at the same time, I don't thank the Lord that they're out there fighting as though somehow if they weren't I wouldn't be able to go to Sainsburys in the morning because the streets would be lined with suicide bombers. This is clearly the view of the general public - they are just getting on with their lives - terrorism was a concern when everyone had money but now people's jobs are at stake there are clearly more pressing priorities in most people's lives.

This clearly annoys you, as the "rule by fear" line is no longer working - so you fancied re-affirming this idea that we're all going to be blown up any second by some nutcase jihadist - essentially cashing in on these soldiers deaths to send a political message, which in my opinion is an absolute fucking disgrace.

Go back to holding bananas with a stupid expression on your face, you fucking clown.


Anonymous said...

I think you will find that Islamic terror is nothing to do with whatever country British Troops are in, it is an obligation to fight other religions and make Islam the only world religion.

seebag said...

Are you vying with Millipede for intellectual pygmy of the year?