Thursday, 16 April 2009

Whelan the hypocrite

Courtesy of Guido, I notice that Charlie Whelan is now claiming he's been the target of a Tory dirty tricks campaign.

Right you are, Charlie.

However, what caught my eye are the tell-tale clues that Whelan clearly should not be let anywhere near a computer. Anyone who uses phrases like

In reporting this illegal act to my server, I discovered that it is not that difficult to hack into people's private e-mail accounts, and it actually happens quite often.

shouldn't be trusted with an email account, the contents of which they want to remain private. Who did you speak to in "your server" then? The little hard-drive men?

Another fact that 'Strathy' readers may not know is that the full contents of the offending e-mails were being hawked around the papers for large sums of money

Not according to Guido, who claims that he wanted to stay on the right side of the law by NOT trying to profit from them. I know who I believe, you lying, odious little turd.

I, however, am still considering if I should bring the police into the hacking of my own computer.

They'd only laugh at you, as you clearly haven't the faintest fucking idea what you're talking about.

Look, let's get a few things straight. I can tell by the content of the email (selling computers online) that he has become victim to a very popular attack where their Hotmail account is hacked, and a mail is sent advertising a site (, often with the subject "Your satisfaction our service!‏" (how very Engrish).

These mails aren't "purporting to come from you" as Charlie puts it, they are from you - the (probably) Chinese hackers have hacked your Hotmail account and sent it from there.

I've had these mails from three people who had me on their contacts list on hotmail so far, and after speaking to the two of them who I still am in regular contact with, both of them had fucking NAMES as their email password.

I would put large amounts of money on Charlie's Hotmail account being protected with a dictionary word. It was probably his wife's name. So what he means when he says "it is not that difficult to hack into people's private e-mail accounts" what he means to say is it's not that difficult if the private email account is protected with an easily crackable password.

I expect he imagines hackers to be like those in the film.

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