Sunday, 19 April 2009

Mandelson says smear row is "over"

Look chump, we, the public decide when it's over, you sneering arrogant felchmong, not you and your cronies.

In fact, since Guido has been the one doing all the digging and publishing (and waiting for the MSM to catch up) I think it'll be him that decides when it's over.

Reports that the Labour Party's general secretary met the men caught up in the smear campaign row to discuss online strategy was "tittle-tattle", he said.

What the fuck does "tittle-tattle" actually mean, anyway? It seems to just mean "anything the government doesn't want discussed in the media".

Lord Mandelson said the matter was now closed and no-one in government was implicated in Mr McBride's dealings.

No it's not.

Fuck right off Mandelson, you mendatious, snivelling, sanctiomious cunt. Fuck you, and the cheap little rent-boy you rode in on. What the fuck are you even doing in government, anyway? I thought you had to resign in disgrace?


Screech said...

Top rant, wish the cunts would actually take heed though if they ARE monitoring our activities

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't, given your vein-popping propensity towards high blood pressure, but I thought you might like this vintage (unbroadcast) clip of Mandelson getting all mardy back in 1997:

AngryDave said...

Didn't he have to resign in disgrace twice?
What a bunch of cunts!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Too right so-called fucking 'Lord' Mandelwanker, the smeargate row is over when we say it is, cunt.

I would tell you to fuck off a.s.a.p. for a third time but I'm looking forward to watching your lot fight like rats in a sack in the burning embers of Labours usual total fucking FAILURE.
Wow, tomorrows Budget/Fudget/Smudget is going to be a real treat as all your piggy porker friends squeal to have their pet projects spared.