Thursday, 23 April 2009

Another wierd video from Gordon Brown

Found here.

Wierd points:

* The hands at the start of the video. I assume this is his version of Steepling.

* False Dropped T's - 0:02-0:03 - "Wha' are we about" - looks like he's trying to emulate Blair, who purposefully dropped his T's in speeches in an attempt to appear "cooler".

* "This is not taxation for it's own sake" - that's exactly what it is, you felchgobbling mong.

* Interesting to describe the redistribution of wealth through taxation as a "project" - let that one slip a bit didn't he!


Anonymous said...

"wha' we are about, mate"!

Weird body language too.

Click me to see "The adventures of Sherlock Broon"

AngryDave said...

Interesting, but stuff i already make use of every day, to bend ferral scum to my will.
I love my job!