Thursday, 23 April 2009

More Lies

This time, unsurprisingly, it's Darling.

Every country in the world is facing similar sets of problems, most countries are responding in the same way as we are.

Bollocks. Most countries are not responding in the same way you are, you odious, lying little shit.

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AngryDave said...

This government has gone on a mental spending spree to bail out the rich bankers who are still spending like crazy and giving themselves fat bonuses, and who should have been saving something when times were good.
We will be paying this off for generations to come. This is the labour party legacy!

Then there is the latest gimmick of giving away £2000 for your old car so they can buy a new one. If they knocked £6000 off of a new car i still could not afford one. Although i do not have kids, most of my friends do. They need a reasonable sized car, and will not be able to buy one because they have an extra two grand.
Again, they are only helping their own (people who can already buy a new car), and trying to make it look like they are helping us all out.

Then we get to MP's expenses. Even if gordon clown does massively restrict what they can claim for, it wont matter. His days, and the days of his party are numbered, and they know it. All they will do is piss off whatever bunch off thieving cunts get in behind them. Let's not waste our time pretending the conservatives are gonna be any better (remember what they did last time), and none of the others are gonna get into power.

Something big and drastic needs to happen in this country.

On a different note entirely. Did anyone else notice the lack of any kind of public celebrations and tv programms about St. Georges day? In this age of self loathing political correctness, i imagine anyone who dares do or say anything about it would be branded a racist. When school children learn more about other cultures than their own, there is something seriously fucked up. The assumption that English people already know about their own culture is outdated bollocks. If as a people we stop teaching it how are the next generation supposed to know?
If th welsh can be proud of being welsh, and black people can be proud of being black, why the fuck cant i be proud of who i am and where i come from without being branded as something i am not?

I am fed up with liars, thieves and bullshit!!!!!!!
Sometimes i just get so ANGRY!!!