Thursday, 16 April 2009

Damien Green won't be charged

Well, there's a surprise then, it's because there's insufficient evidence.

Of course there's fucking insufficient evidence, it's because he didn't do anything wrong, and the police arrested him on the say-so of Jacqui Smith.

Ms Smith told the BBC: "My job is to protect the British people and the sensitive information about them, which is what we have done."

Sorry, what? You fucking what?!?!?!!!!!

How, in any way shape or form, you fucking minging statist authoritarian slag, have you protected the British people? Tens of thousands of records of people's personal information has gone missing under your watch, in case it had slipped your mind. And still you have the gall, the temerity, the outright fucking mendacious CHEEK to try and foist ID cards and prying databases and fuck knows what else onto us, and all for the sake of "being for our own good". We don't get any choice in it of course, we wouldn't be trusted with the choice. Instead you try to claim (though I'd helpfully point out that NOBODY believes you) that you have loads of people telling you how much they want ID cards.

You can suck my sweaty ballsack, you fucking haggard transvestite-looking bitch, if you think I'll happily accept these authoritarian bullshit measures.

Oh, but if I haven't got anything to hide, I haven't got anything to worry about, right?

God, I fucking hate you Jacqui.


Chalcedon said...

I think you have the vocation for a career as a diplomat.

Love it by the way. I think you articulated what a lot of us feel.

The Penguin said...

Pure Class!

The Penguin

the man who fell back to bed said...

nope, cant fault a word there.

Anonymous said...

If you could just try that again but this time with feeeeling.

AngryDave said...

What the fuck is wrong with these fucking dickheads? Why the fuck would anyone want to have their personal info stored for some tosser to hack into and use and abuse.
If i wanted every fucker to know my business i would write a fucking book. At least that way i could ensure the fuckers who knew about me could at least fucking read. Not like the scummy retards i have to work with.