Thursday, 9 April 2009

Absolutely Unbelieveable.

I'm reeling in shock after reading a story that Obnoxio has picked up on, because finally my suspcions have been proven, in black and white, in the Telegraph. What will the green lobby make of this one?
The move will allow authorities across the country are set to introduce "green wave" schemes.A motorist approaching the first traffic light at the speed limit or just below would trigger a succession of green lights and travel down the road faster.

The schemes are already in use in cities including Amsterdam and Copenhagen, the scheme use sensors in the road to keep the traffic moving.The introduction of "green waves" will help to cut carbon emissions and traffic noise.

All sounds good so far, right? But then it gets interesting:
Up until now the Department for Transport discouraged such schemes, increasing motorists' frustration at being met by a succession of red lights.

It was because the Government feared motorists who were travelling smoothly, rather than stopping and starting, would use less fuel and pay less to the Treasury in duty as a result.

What the FUCK? So this was official CENTRAL government policy? I always thought it was local government doing it to increase support for a congestion charge. Same thing really, I suppose.

I cannot believe that the government has the temerity to have such a recommendation in place. Nothing could be clearer proof that the govenrment are just intent on fucking the motorist up the arse. And they even get the green lobby and militant-wing cyclists' approval and support with most of their schemes.

Fuck me, I'm angry now. Bristol City Council has some of the most blatantly rigged traffic lights I've ever come across, and now we know the official reason. A shining turd of an example is these bastard lights on Redcliffe Way approaching the Temple Circus Gyratory. You'll notice there are two individually traffic-light-controlled lanes - the left-hand lane is a bus lane, and the right-hand lane is for normal traffic. Traffic lights that let traffic through constantly (as there's no marked pedestrian crossing there) until a bus arrives where it's given priority - good idea right? Wrong. These traffic lights don't work on proximity sensors but a fixed timer that just swaps between the two lanes, regardless of whether there's actually a bus or taxi waiting in the bus lane or not. Often, you'll be sat there on a red, whilst the next set of lights along are green, allowing no cars through. Also, in rush hours, the timings change - during the day (when the google car was there) they are pretty much a "green wave" with the lights further down the road. But during rush hours, it's completely the opposite. The lights on the roundabout stay green, but the ones just behind will go red, but (and this is the key) the lights for next exit along do not change, so they are sat there waiting for nobody to go through. It's a fucking joke, and couldn't possibly be designed in such a poor way unless it was deliberate.

Exactly the same system operates at the lights on the roundabout at J2 of the M32, where they'll go green, but you can't go anywhere because the lights round to the left on Muller Road are still red, and the traffic backs up onto the roundabout.

I'm determined to get hold of Bristol City Council's SCOOT configuration to see if I can confirm my suspicions.

A fiver says nothing changes though.


AngryDave said...

I have to totaly agree with you. I had to go to the stokes croft from Hartcliffe the other week and it took me fucking ages. And, i was on a motorbike.
Anywhere near the centre of Bristol is a total ball ache now, and i am so glad i work shift out of Bristol, as i used to work for Wogan's coffe, right at the bottom of the m32. So glad i dont have to make that journey anymore!!

It would not suprise me in the slightest if this sack of shit administration would deliberately cause congestion to justify some more not so stealthy 'stealth taxes'. Utter cunts, the lot of them.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

My city has had such a green wave thingy for at least twenty years and you can drive around for miles at 30mph never coming across a red light, even on the major junctions in town. Sadly it only works in the small hours when there are hardly any other cars around.
For the rest of the day it is just chaotic at best or planned congestion, as in your place though I think it is to 'encourage' motorists to use the buses which won't work because they are rubbish.

Anonymous said...

How to define BCC....

Great post, absolutely deliberate, I have also noticed this, especially at Temple meads/St Mary Redcliff.

This is the Hegelian Dialectic paradigm at work chaps.


"....they'll be begging us for a congestion charge...."

Ordo ab chao.

The thing is, quite a lot of money rests on the Council being able to achieve a "cycling capital"

£12m I heard last time.

So, they get £12m to spend how they wish, they get more things to discuss over their fairtrade mochachino, and might get a mention in the Grauniad.....surely these people are here to serve their constituents, not to persue agendas based on central government incentives.

These people work for US, not Westminster, nor Brussels, nor any other entity.

When local government becomes destabilised and unable to persue it's own interests due to financial incentives or otherwise, we fundamentally have a non-democratic political & economic system.

When local Government chooses to manipulate statistics and process management to suit it's ambitions (where these ambitions are opposed to constituents OPINION not INTERESTS - rememeber opinions are different to interests, and this nu-speak is used on a grand scale to confuse the public that "descisions are taken in your interests".....then we have corruption.

Also, bearded champagne socialists who "know best" use their mono-moral-assumed-political-opinion of "knowing best" to furnish their budget, and sabotage your services (you have PAID FOR) are known as "prats"

So, a non-democratic corrupt bunch of prats it is.

AngryDave said...

Public Scrutiny.....
I have to agree with you, and believe we have not lived in a democracy for a while now, especialy with regards to local councils. Unfortunately, people have only just begun to realise.

Anonymous said...

I hope more people do.

The problem is apathy.....and the fact that public opinion takes a generation to catch up i.e. the fiftysomethings who control much of the world still think they have to defeat Thatcher, and still believe the public sector get a raw deal.

About 20 years ago, this was a lot truer than it is now.

NB Angrydave, have you thought about sharing your experiences in the police training camps on your page. I'd be interested to hear about your opinion of them........



AngryDave said...

I have thought about sharing some of it, but there are other bloggs and books that say it better than i could. Inspector gadget's book ('perverting the course of justice') and blogg, and coppersblogg and the pioneering 'wasting police time'.

I had to go through 5 weeks of what can only be desribed as political conditioning before i even started my training. Then we were constantly reminded about how we were all racist, sexist, homophobic and anti islamic. Then we were constantly told about how the process is more important than the purpose, and that the only thing that matters is your own promotion prospects.
We were actively encouraged to shit on each other, and screw one another over for career points.

My only problem with publicly telling people about my direct experiences over the web,is that it would be too easy for the bastards to find out who i am as i have given so much of myself away on bloggs.
I could talk for days about how and why the system is so fucked up, and who really has all the decision making power within the police. Trust me when i say it aint the police officers with the training. It's the civillians with the degrees in political correctness and doublespeak.

Then there are the YOT (youth offending teams), dont get me started on these bastards. I have to work with them within the prison too. Unfortunately!
Trust me when say there is no justice in the system anymore. Those of us in the system call it the 'justice for criminals' system.