Thursday, 3 June 2010

Official: Bristol City Council is racist

Bristol City Council has banned white people from applying for an £18,000-a-year traineeship because it wants to boost staff diversity.

The two-year scheme at Bristol City Council is only open to candidates from black or ethnic minority backgrounds because the "normal recruitment process was not rectifying" under-representation.

The authority said the programme, which takes on two people a year, is lawful under race relations legislation because it is only a traineeship and does not guarantee a job at the end of it.

And who do you think would support schemes like this?

But Kerry McCarthy, a Labour MP in Bristol, said: "I would support schemes like this. It gives people an opportunity."

Why on earth do Bristol City Council give a fuck what colour the people they employ are? Shouldn't they just be happy they've got people who are good at the job? It's not up to them to "redress the balance" - or at least, I didn't think it was.

The mind fucking boggles.

And how the fuck do they think that banning white people from applying will increase the numbers of black people applying to the job? Either way, apparently in their eyes, discrimination is perfectly OK, so long as it's against white people.

The fucking hand-wringing racists.


Anonymous said...

Your comment :-
" Shouldn't they just be happy they've got people who are good at the job?"

I work for an architect & we have regular contact with bristol city council & believe me they treally don't give a fuck how 'good' their employees are at their jobs judging by the fuckwits we have to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Amendment to my first comment.
Should have read :-

'judging by the part-time, job sharing fuckwits we have to deal with.


AngryDave said...

In 2004 i was turned down, despite passing all my assessments, for Avon and Somerset Constabulary because i am a white heterosexual male. Apparently they had 'too many', can you imagine what would have happened if they said the had too many women, homosexuals, or ethnic minorities?
When i challenged them, stating that turning someone down because of their race, sexual orientation, religion etc is illegal, i was told that it was not illegal because the home office say so.

Surely equal opportunities means that everyone gets, well, an equal opportunity?

As for Bristol City Council, the few staff that do know what they are doing and have the balls to do it are eclipsed by the rest of the wankers, and tied up with red tape. It is absolutely impossible to get fired for being incompetent from the council.
The father of one of my closest friends used to work for the DWP, and said it was an absolute nightmare trying to get rid of lazy or incompetent staff as they would be moved around to fuck up where ever they went. And, if the individual in question was gay, muslim, female, or a person from a ethnic minority, then in all likelihood the person who raised the issue of the incompetence, laziness or both would most likely be fired for some sort of discrimination.

The loonies have well and truly taken over the asylum!!!!

South Gloucestershire Dan said...

Has the council ever considered that perhaps one of the reasons for the lack of ethnics under their employment is that any with a half decent degree and an ounce of ambition will go and get a job in the private sector where they might actually do some meaningful work without being fucking patronised?

The Kerry McCarthy comment doesn't surprise me at all - she really doesn't see just what is wrong here. The daft vegan bint.

Anonymous said...

Re-AngryDave comment about staff at BCC.
My wife has worked for the MOD in Bath for 15 years or so & her many comment over the years about some of the wankers & slackers employed there reflect your observations.
After listening to her observations over the years I have come to the conclusion that if private industry was run like the public sector, then this country would be on an economic par with Albania......hang on a minute....we are!!!but then look whos been in charge of the economy for the last 13 years.

AngryDave said...

It's true, we are fast becomming a third world country thanks to Thatcher, Labour and the use of political correctness instead of reason and common sense.
The private sector is not perfect by a long shot, but seems to work better than the public sector by a mile.