Monday, 28 June 2010

*** Shirley Brown Guilty ***

There you go, turns out black people can be racist - Shirley Brown has been found guilty of racially-aggravated harassment of Jay Jethwa in Court. This is the same Shirley Brown (née Marshall) who stated that black people can't be racist, as well as claiming her Councillor's allowance whilst "ill" (read as :spending most of her time in Florida).

Fuck you, Shirley, you fat, racist piece of shit.


AngryDave said...

Her comment was blatantly racist, and her weak explanation was an insult to everyone's inteligence.
But, she will never face any consequences for her words.

She has no place in the council with such a blatant chip on her shoulder. Her attitude is a bad example, and an accurate example of what has been going on in the labour government and society.
Labour has created a system where someone with few or no qualifications and a bad attitude can earn well in excess of £30,000 with a pension included just because of the colour of their skin.
I know because i see it first hand in my line of work.

seebag said...

She will never face any consequences? She now has a criminal record and what little credibility she may have had is shot. Of course these are only consequences for her if they actually matter to her - we can but hope that self knowledge prevails over arrogance. I draw comfort from the fact that if I were a fat, ugly, inarticulate criminal rascist with a gigantic chip on my shoulder then no amount of money or power would compensate.

shorah said...

Let's hope this conviction filters through to all the other people in positions of influence (eg some schoolteachers and parents) who share Shirley Brown's ugly outlook and rubbish "I'm black so I can't be a racist" justification.

Anonymous said...

your missing the point. There should be no criminality in words, just bec
ause the boots on the other foot doesn't make this right, ps dave , under new lab laws it's down to the victim's skin colour. If was a middle aged male whitey with an equivilant insult wouldn't qualify,

AngryDave said...

A criminal record in itself is not a punishment without any actual sanctions, i would imagine she is going around saying the courts are racist instead of her.
I would imagine she still has a well paid job and a pension at our expense.