Thursday, 27 May 2010

Cutting public sector waste - but not in Bristol

Take a look at this job advert in the Grauniad:

Place-Making Director for Bristol

c£72k + Benefits (2 year fixed term)


Vacancy Ref: 22111

Place-Making for a city is about ensuring that it is perceived as somewhere that is attractive to live, work, study, invest and do business in, as well as to visit. As Bristol's Place-Making Director one of your key roles will be to develop productive relationships with stakeholders, developing a common sense of purpose based around a shared understanding of Bristol’s sense of place, in order to improve Bristol’s economic competitiveness.

You will be expected to originate creative ideas for developing, reinforcing and enhancing Bristol’s sense of place and to work in partnership with others to make this happen.

We're looking for someone to help us distinguish our city from all others, and create a sense of pride in Bristol. Someone with:

* Brand development and marketing experience, for complex products or places.
* A good awareness of trends in branding, economic and city development.
* A good understanding of local government, public sector and commercial business environments.
* Senior management experience.
* Ability to successfully drive a business agenda and manage multi-stakeholder relationships.
* A creative thinker with highly developed interpersonal and influencing skills.
* Sound interesting? Then we'd love to hear from you.

For further information visit:

For an informal chat, phone Jon House on 0117 922 2420.

Deadline for applications is 2nd June 2010.

Interviews will be held on 7th June 2010.

Closing Date: 2nd June 2010.

ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS to "enhance Bristol's sense of Place"?

What the fucking fuck?

Jandroid, you should be fucking ashamed of yourself.

Get this marketing-speak BULLSHIT the fuck out of our city!


seebag said...

Give her a break, poor dear - this is the only language Jan understands. It fits brilliantly with her avowed unaccountability. Besides, we all know the streets of Bristol are paved with gold and there's a diamond mine on every street corner. How else to explain this sort of money being thrown around?

bristolmoose said...

51° 27′ 0″ N, 2° 35′ 0″ W

There, didn't cost a penny

Anonymous said...

who is jandroid?

Bristol Dave said...

A portmanteau of "Jan Ormondroyd", the Chief Executive (read: Town Clerk) of Bristol City Council. She is the one who has been driving all the marketing speak in the Council/City.

Anonymous said...

Really Dave? Has she the brain power for marketing speak? More likely her team gives the spiel. Last time I looked Jan couldn't handle much more than being a dinner lady, and is very much like the PTA women at my own late south bristol primary school.

PS Dave, post more, your quality is very high but put more up!

seebag said...

Place making ? now Bristol City Council prove they can't even run a football TV screening and a few small bars, never mind ambitions to run actual World Cup matches. Apart from the ludicrous cost of this job, how about some basic competencies before any luxuries like this. At present I wouldn't trust BCC to run a Sunday school picnic.

seebag said...

Now that an appointment has been made I think we council tax payers deserve to know how Mike Bennett is going to offer full value for his 72k salary given his other activities with E3 and Bristol Media.
Also it would be interesting to know about any potential conflicts of interest given his quote "“We’ve had significant financial help and strategic support over the last two years from .... Bristol City Council ... Without their buy in we really wouldn’t be in the position we are today. I’m delighted to ‘officially’ be part of the future vision of Bristol Media and to be asked to help drive the network forward.”