Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Hug A Gypo

Or at least, attend expensive training courses on how to do so.

This one-day event is suitable for those with contact with Gypsy and Traveller groups and for anyone whose work impacts on Gypsies and Travellers to explore the fundamental differences between different travelling communities. It is of particular benefit for Elected Members, planners, social inclusion officers, education and health workers.

Sounds like a barrel of laughs. Really.

Gypsy & Traveller Awareness – exploring the perceptions, myths, history, traditions, culture, ceremonies and etiquette relevant to the various Gypsy & Traveller groups

Gypo Etiquette? Is that like warning people you're going to break into their house before you do, or bothering to write "tax in post" on a scrap of paper for your Van?

Gypsy & Traveller Panel – (a question and answer session) the panel will consist of representatives of different traveller groups including Romany, Irish and New Travellers

"I like dags."
"Do you like caravans?"
"Tarmac yer drive?"

Tolerance and Acceptance – engaging with the settled community by rebuilding pre-conceived perceptions and breaking down barriers

See, this is the problem. The hand-wringers that run these courses (including this one, this one and this one) live in a world far separated from reality where they simply cannot concieve a situation where Pikey Gypo's are just a bunch of theiving cunts. It's not the Gypo's that are the problem, trashing taxpayer-funded sites that are all too willingly provided for them, stealing from local houses and shops, burning out cars, and getting into fights - it is of course the settled community's fault for having "pre-conceived perceptions" about Pikeys.

Fucking unbelieveable.

You may have noticed I hate Gypo's, Travellers, Pikeys, whatever you want to call them - this is for good reason. Why should they live on sites provided for them at my and your expense when they can clearly afford to support themselves? Why are they able to get away with not paying a penny in tax (whilst demanding more from the state) when they are not temporary, and are clearly planning on inhabiting the site for as long as they can? Next time you drive past an "official" traveller site, take a look at the cars parked there. Gone are the days of the battered transit van towing a caravan - you're much more likely to spot brand new Mitsubishi L200 pickup trucks.

That's not to say these sites are tidy, or that now they can afford brand new trucks they treat the area they live in or anyone who lives there with any respect. They still ensure that the place looks like a fucking shit-tip, and this one near Bristol is a good example (notice all the rubbish strewn around the outer perimeter of the site).

Scum of the fucking earth. It's almost worth paying the Course fee (which you'll notice is aimed at public sector employees, so will be funded by the taxpayer) just to put questions to the Panel of Pikeys, like "Why is it you feel that sites should be provided for you at the taxpayer's expense, when you drive brand-new pick up trucks with a retail value I can only dream of?"


Forest Pines said...

Most of the gypsies living in Bristol probably aren't your traditional stereotype gypsies, though.

The biggest proportion of them is fairly recent immigrants from Romania who have moved here because anti-gypsy racism in Romania is far, far worse than it is here - it's no exaggeration to say that if you go to Romania you can more or less murder gypsies with impunity. Due to British immigration policy, they can move here freely but not legally work here or receive benefits, so they survive by begging in Broadmead - they're those headscarf-wearing women who hand you a note saying they don't speak English but need money - and by washing car windscreens as they come off the M32. Most of them genuinely don't speak English, and they don't live on council sites - they live in private rented houses in east Bristol paid for by religious organisations.

Anonymous said...

so they live in rented houses paid for by religious organisations, fucking great. My kids have to fight tooth and nail to get anything, and these scum come here and get housing. And no I dont give a fuck about persecucion in their own country, again it seems england has to put right the worlds ills! and that includes those drug abusing scottich cunts!

AngryDave said...

We have these shitty courses in the prison system too. I always refuse to attend, and nobody ever notices or cares.
Thieves and bully's the lot of em, and i dont see why i should have to pay for anything for them when they not only fail to contribute to society by not paying ANY tax, but rob and intimidate the very people who are forced by the government to pay for their new pickup's and life.

If people choose to live off of the grid and outside of societies rules and regulations, then they should forgoe any benefits or protection. This should apply to anyone who chooses this type of life, and not only pikey's.

Forest Pines said...

"My kids have to fight tooth and nail to get anything, and these scum come here and get housing."

The obvious suggestion would be: maybe they should think about picking the right religion. The Romanian gypsies' rent, I believe, is paid by one of the evangelical Christian sects, although I don't know which one exactly.

South Gloucestershire Dan said...

I found this, which seemed appropriate.

AngryDave said...

Dan, I think the council must use it as a instruction manual because it aint that far from the truth.

Anonymous said...

We have a small area of grassland near me right next to a primary school, earmarked by the jobsworths as a site for a "gypsy" camp, with the added attraction of possibly leasing it to them so they can become part owners!!
This area was once a childrens play area, until the equipment was removed because it was 'unsafe', the forgotten promise made at the time was that all the equipment would be replaced, instead they put fucking great stone boulders all around to stop people from parking there, assumedly these will be removed in time for the new owners to take possession. You could'nt make it up!!

Anonymous said...

Hitler had the right idea about what to do with fucking Gypos as they are nothing but parasites.

Disillusioned Patriot