Monday, 10 May 2010


Make sure the door doesn't smack you on your useless sagging arse, you woefully inept gurning moron. I suppose an apology for the wanton destruction of our economy is too much to ask for. You'll have the blood of inevitable Tory cuts on your hands, I'm afraid.


Dave said...

What is the right wing blogosphere going to do now? How long before they start moaning about the next set up.

Bristol Dave said...

Depends on how long they take to fuck up really, doesn't it.

Still, a Tory government with the Lib Dems to keep them in check? Cna't be any worse than a Labour government and probably a hell of a lot better.

Anonymous said...

Dave, you and most other bloggers seem to think the country is fucked. It always seems to be the governments fault?? What is it that contribute to make it better or is up to the Government. Not sure writing a blog helps much.