Friday, 2 July 2010

Nice work if you can get it

The six-figure salaries of more than 150 bosses of taxpayer-supported quangos have been published.

The highest sum listed was the £394,999 paid to Olympic Delivery Authority chief executive David Higgins.

He was one of eight senior figures at the body earning in excess of £200,000 a year.

Fuck me. That's fucking insane. The list is available in CSV and XML format, and of particular interest is the "Organisation" Column, as it lists just some of the ridiculous organisations ("Horserace Betting Levy Board", anyone?) whose CEOs get huge salaries paid by us.

And fucking for what?

What the fuck is Alan Davey, the Chief Exec of The Arts Council, for fucks sake, doing for taxpayers to justify him earning over £150k? Or the Neil MacGregor, the Director of the British Museum, who puts away over £175k a year? Who the fuck even are "Buying Solutions" (Alison Littley, £150k), "Directly Operated Rail" (Elaine Holt, £180k), "Postcomm" (Tim Brown, £150k), or the "Waste and Resources Action Programme" (E Goodwin, £160k)? What the fuck is the "Olympic Delivery Authority", with a salary bill of it's directors alone well in excess of £2million, and how does it differ from the "Olympic Park Legacy Company"? Why the fuck does the Chief Executive of Ordnance Survey, who let's face it - just make fucking maps, deserve a taxpayer-funded salary of £190k? What the fucking hell are they really doing for the taxpayer?

A bunch of these people aren't even fucking full-timers. Lord David Rowe-Beddoe of Kilgetty, for example, earns £35k-£39k a year (which is a perfectly respectable salary) as a Deputy Chair of the UK Statistics authority, but he only works 4 days a month. David Norgrove is the Chairman of the Pensions Regulator and earns £110k a year, which I would say is still too much for a taxpayer-funded salary, until you realise he's only a fucking part-timer working 3 days a fucking week.

Sack the lot of them! I don't for one second buy this bullshit that they need to offer a decent salary to "attract the right people" - bullshit. They never attract the right people anyway. And what the fuck do these poeple do all day? Really? I'd wager they sit in "meetings" that achieve the square root of fuck all, and occasionally send emails to the organisation rambling about "strategy", "direction", "low-hanging fruit", and "enabling change".

I don't know how any average taxpayer can't read this list and not get fucking livid.

We could save a lot of money by cutting every one of these salaries in half. And would the country be worse off for it? Would it fuck.


Anonymous said...

I knew that would get you going. Hahaha!

AngryDave said...

No matter what they pay there will always be some incompetent asshole in charge so they should cut them down by at least 50% in my opinion.
What fucking job justifies paying someone over £150,000, especially when all your work is done by other people who you will blame if it all goes horribly wrong.

Dazed And Confused said...

Oh Dear......Kerry's in trouble again.

seebag said...

I see that Eric Pickles is now suggesting that local council's share Chief Executives. It will be interesting to see if Jandroid is headhunted given she's not especially good at running one council, never mind any more. Alternatively we could receive a big favour if someone (anyone) a bit more able can take on Bristol as well as what they are already doing. No doubt if that happens J will be in for a big payoff, but it might just be worth it.