Friday, 9 July 2010

*** Ashton Court Festival Replacement Cancelled ***

Unfortunatley [sic] this concert has been cancelled.

But, but.... 12,000 people were supposed to attend! Or at least, that's what the Evening Post article said, even though they were charging silly money for tickets.

Wonder why it's cancelled? Did they just read the mood of Bristolian people wrong, or is it partly to do with the fact that my post slagging it off comes second in the Google search results for "Ashton Court Festival"? *evil grin*

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South Gloucestershire Dan said...

I agree with your original post. £28 (minimum) for a ticket is a complete piss take - make it £50 to be anywhere near the stage to watch a bunch of cover bands. Fuck me, you can go London's West End and get a decent seat at the production of your choosing for that sort of money. They were aiming at the wrong demographic at the wrong price.

On a similar note, it looks as though the Harbourside is trying to go upmarket. I give it less than a year. If the chav drinking dens couldn't make enough money to stay alive then this place has no chance. And it's still surrounded by chav drinking dens. It's like saying that you own the nicest house in Hartcliffe.