Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Local councils "tolerate" illegally-camped pikies

As you may know, I fucking hate pikies. So it annoys me even more when I notice shit like this:

Councils will receive new powers to speed up enforcement action against the scores of traveller caravans on illegal sites in the Bristol region.

Communities Secretary John Denham said the shake-up in planning rules, which will take effect next month, would slash the time that must elapse before councils can take action against unauthorised camps.

And how long is that period currently?

Under the current rules, anyone denied retrospective consent for a development that was built without permission has six months to appeal against the refusal. From April 6, this will be reduced to 28 days.

Six months? Six fucking months? No wonder pikies are able to dump their shit somewhere they have no right to, burgle local houses, and fuck up local drive tarmaccing without any fear of being turfed out. Where did these fucking "pikey rights" come from anyway?

Figures published by Mr Denham's Department for Communities and Local Government show that on the last official count South Gloucestershire reported 51 illegally parked caravans on private land, more than double the amount recorded in 2007, and three on traveller-owned land.

A further 206 were logged on the council's records, although they either have planning permission or are "tolerated" by the local authority.

Tolerated? Fucking tolerated? Why the fucking hell are they "tolerating" these scrounging, theiving, filthy feral scum, who contribute FUCK ALL to society, but demand everything they can? Fucking turf them out. I bet the local community doesn't "tolerate" them.


AngryDave said...

These fuckers destroy and rob everywhere they go, and the police dont do anything about it until it is too late.
It's about time people started taking the law into their own hands, and started setting fire to their stolen caravans and forcing the fuckers off of their land.
If it was a mp's property or a high ranking police officer it would be sorted before we knew anything about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi AngryDave, I think I'll forward your comment on to your employers!!! You are ever such an angry young man!! It reminds me of being a young lady!

AngryDave said...

Dont forget to tell the thought police too!
They love that shit.

South Gloucestershire Dan said...

I posted a reasonable comment on the Evening Post article but the random moderation kicked in and it was lost, so fuck them, I'll post here.
Quite why pikeys, along with the muzzies, have ended up as a government favoured group is beyond me - the country will go to hell if this continues.

Bristol Dave said...

Dan - absolutely right. "Hell in a handcart" definitely springs to mind.

As for the BEP's comment moderation - it is random, but I think there is keyword filtering in there. Probably your usual swearwords, maybe even "muslim".

Anonymous said...

Dave you work for one arm of the thought police!!