Thursday, 4 March 2010

Euro Car Parks At It Again

This time with Sainsbury's, but making sure you're a Blue Badge holder, or have kids with you, to park in the Disabled/Parent & Child spaces.

However, with no obvious CCTV cameras over the Disabled/Parent & Child spaces I fail to see how they'll police this. Also the smallprint on the sign states that this is in operation 24 hours a day - now, whilst I don't park in Disabled/Parent & Child spaces as a rule, I'm sorry - at 9:30pm, when frankly children under 12 should be in bed, they're fucking fair game as far as I'm concerned.

They state that 50% of all monies returned to Sainsbury's will be donated to Mencap, after Euro Car Parks have taken their cut I'd wager this is about £2.50.

Still, all of this is completely irrelevant as these "Parking Charge Notices" (note the clever use of words there) are completely unenforceable. Warnings of bailiffs are equally bollocks, as they'll need a CCJ granted in their favour before they can even contemplate sending bailiffs, which will never happen. You have not broken any laws and they cannot legally request the money.

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Anonymous said...

Hiya, just got a £50 fine (£30 for parking in pick up bay). Are you saying I should ignore this?