Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ugh, I feel sick

A YOUNG Catholic who received a personal blessing from the Pope during his visit to the UK said it has given her renewed hope and faith.


Alice O'Neill, from Westbury-on- Trym, was among more than 3,500 Bristolians who visited London and Birmingham over the weekend hoping to get a glimpse of the Holy Father during his four-day trip.

Among them was TV presenter Sherrie Eugene-Hart, who led prayers in front of 80,000 people and described the event as like "being backstage at a Michael Jackson concert".

Is this because the pope is practically dead too?

When she kneeled at his feet, Pope Benedict XVI took her hand and gave her a blessing.

Miss O'Neill said: "I can't describe how amazing a moment it was.

"I was right next to him and he gave me a blessing. It was mesmeric, just so profound.

Nice, so he limply grabbed her hand and mumbled something indecipherable at her. Yes, very profound indeed.

"He is such a gentle man. He sometimes seems stern when you are far off and from the things he says, but his messages are so hopeful.

Like his messages that condoms actually increase the spread of AIDS, or his extensive covering-up of child abuse within the church?

"But if there had any danger of me drifting away from the church there isn't any more. It has really confirmed my faith."

Confirmed your delusion, more like.

The wonders of the cult of personality.


AngryDave said...

Apple unvieled a new touch screen i-pod for children to celebrate the pope's visit.
They called it 'i-touch kids'.

Bristol said...

Good one AngryDave. I have pre ordered my iTouch Kids from the vatican directly!

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