Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tinishya Marshall

A local girl who's currently missing.

Now, obviously the family are distraught, and I wouldn't want to wish a missing child on anyone.

She went missing in Southmead, which the non-Bristolian readers will probably remember was the setting for the "Cor blimey, aren't chavs racist" Panorama episode. A particularly nasty chav area of Bristol.

However, a couple of things sprung to my mind at least - firstly, "Tinishya"? Really? How the fuck are these chav parents coming up with these ridiculous names for their kids? Do they just throw a handful of Scrabble letters on the floor and draw inspiration from that?

Secondly, nobody bar the Daily Mail (of course) has really mentioned the fact that she's 14 with an 11 month old daughter - I'm assuming because becoming pregnant at 12 or 13 is just the norm now.

Which is why it's particularly amusing that her mum who set up the Facebook group about Tinishya has "When I was your age, I lost my tooth. Not my virginty." listed as one of her "likes" on Facebook. Oh, the ironing.

If anyone needs descriptions of Tinishya and her daughter, Sophie (at least she chose a normal name, for fuck's sake) they were both wearing velour tracksuits at the time. Yes, even the 11 month old daughter. As if you needed telling that.


Brew Wales said...

Should not laugh but they are probably in Newport mingled in with all the other chavs

PJH said...

If anyone needs descriptions of Tinishya and her daughter, [...] they were both wearing velour tracksuits at the time.

From your description, doesn't that describe most of the inhabitants of Southmead?

Bristol Dave said...

Yep, pretty much.

Anonymous said...

FYI she is not a chav,i go to school with her and she is more than lovely!

PJH said...

"...i[sic] go to school with her..."

Does that mean she's turned up again, 5 months later?

What was her excuse for disappearing?

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